Guided Canvas Classes at Kiln & Crafts

Sample Paintings

Guided Canvas paint class: every Saturday

Each Saturday afternoon we host a Guided Canvas Painting Class from 1:30pm ’til 3:30pm. With two different sizes of canvas to choose from, Tracy paints along with the class and offers guidance on composition, form and technique. Even the most artistically challenged can paint a masterpiece under her tutelage. Check out our calendar and reserve your seat for one of our classes today!


Private Paint Classes

Want us to host a private class for your group? Private Canvas Paint Classes can be Scheduled for your group of eight or more! Call us at 706-546-5456 or use the form below! We can also schedule a craft class of your choice, just let us know what you’re interested in!!

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A golden triangleIMPORTANT NOTE: PRE REGISTRATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US! It doesn’t cost anything and is as simple as a call to 706-946-5456, a message through facebook, or by browsing our calendar and reserving your spot online. Some events require special supplies, additional staff or extended hours when the store is not usually open. Please help us continue to provide fun and exciting things to do in Blue Ridge by letting us know if you plan to attend, or if something has come up and you cannot come. We are always open to suggestions and ideas! Let us know if there is a particular painting, craft, type of party or event that you would like us to hold. Public or private is fine! We’ll be glad to talk to you!

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