2018 changes to Art class!

2018 Art Classes

Beginning in January 2018 I will offer homeschool art classes in a 6 class block. Class will be on the first and second Thursday of the month from 10 am to 12 pm. The price is $15 per lesson, or $70 per block if you pre pay. I have a new curriculum with 24 lessons so it makes sense to break it up into quarters, and allows me to have specific supplies. Two classes a month gives us time to work on projects that might need more time than just one class without a whole month in between. Classes are geared for K through 6th. A snack is included. This is a drop off class, so the kids aren't distracted by mom's or younger siblings. I'll be happy to offer a 30% sibling discount. I really need a commitment for the 6 class block so I can count on the number of students and supplies needed.
 The third Thursday of the month will be a Mommy (or Daddy)and Me class for ages 0 through the 5th birthday. The price is $15 per class and will include a story, a snack and one or two art activities. There will also be a 30% sibling discount.
 If any family has a financial need, please contact me and we will work something out. I have enjoyed teaching your children and I look forward to seeing them all soon.
 Discussion or questions are welcome.
  The 4th Thursday is open for an older student class if there is interest. Ages 13 and up.