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Walk-ins are always welcome at Kiln & Crafts. You never have to register or reserve time to paint pottery, paint canvas or select a craft to make. We only ask that you pre-register to attend one of our scheduled activities or make reservations for a private party

  It doesn't cost anything and is as simple as a call, a message on facebook or a few clicks on our website.  Some events require special supplies, additional staff or extended hours when the store is not usually open.  Please help us continue to provide fun and exciting things to do in Blue Ridge by letting us know if you plan to attend, or if something has come up and you cannot come.  We are always open to suggestions and ideas!  Let us know if there is a particular painting, craft, type of party or event that you would like us to hold.  Public or private is fine! We'll be glad to talk to you!! Please see our Parties page for information on booking a private party or reserving times for a group activity.
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