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Mandala Mania

a picture of two wine glasses that have a mandala design painted on them sitting on a tray that has also been painted with a mandala design

In common use, "Mandala" has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. See this Wikipedia article to learn more about Mandala. Here at Kiln & Crafts though, we find the Mandala a fascinating, fun and beautiful art form and Tracy has caught the Mandala bug!

We are excited to add the Mandala to our offerings of creative art works. Now available to all walk-in customers and scheduled groups alike, we offer Mandala painting on bottles that can be made in to lamps, vases or containers for your bath salts, dish soaps or anything you can think of, Mandala wine glasses, Mandala paint pottery, board-art and yes … even canvas. We have all the supplies, dotting tools, paints and technical advice you need to create your very own masterpiece in this trending and popular form of art!

Drop in at Kiln & Crafts anytime during normal shop hours or schedule a Mandala event for your group outing or party today!

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Paint With A Princess

princess 1

h2 align=”center”>Paint With A Princess

princess 1 princess picture 2

You dont want to miss this!… Paint with a Princess! Kiln & Crafts is hosting a Disney Princess Evening! Come paint with a real princess! We have lots of princess related items to paint, or choose anything that strikes your fancy! Refreshments, photo ops, autographs, painting and fun! Reservations are not required, but a heads up would be great if you plan to attend! We can’t wait! Hope to see you there! Please share our event!!

h2 align=”center”>Quick lineup of the rest of February’s calendar!

  • a small ball changing colorsFeb 16 Paint with a Princess party
  • a small ball changing colorsFeb 17 Fire & Ice chili cookoff
  • a small ball changing colorsFeb 17 Canvas Paint Class 1-4
  • a small ball changing colorsFeb 17 Birthday Party 4:30 – 6:30
  • a small ball changing colorsFeb 18 Birthday Party 2-4
  • a small ball changing colorsFeb 24 Canvas Paint Class 1-4

Call us to schedule your event!!!

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Welcome To Kiln & Crafts

Welcome New Subscribers

Kiln Crafts Logo

  • smiley facewalk ins are always welcome!
  • smiley faceno appointment needed to paint your own pottery!
  • smiley facewe do parties! all kinds!
  • smiley facejust ask us!
  • smiley face706-946-5456
  • smiley faceCanvas paint class every Saturday 1 to 4 pm
  • smiley facemommy & me (or daddy) The third Thursday of the month from 10 am to 12 am-story time, snack and art project included! $15!
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2018 Home School Art Classes

Monthly Home School Art Class

Beginning in January 2018 I will offer homeschool art classes in a 6 class block. Class will be on the first and second Thursday of the month from 10 am to 12 pm. The price is $15 per lesson, or $70 per block if you pre pay. I have a new curriculum with 24 lessons so it makes sense to break it up into quarters, and allows me to have specific supplies. Two classes a month gives us time to work on projects that might need more time than just one class without a whole month in between. Classes are geared for K through 6th. A snack is included. This is a drop off class, so the kids aren’t distracted by mom’s or younger siblings. I’ll be happy to offer a 30% sibling discount. I really need a commitment for the 6 class block so I can count on the number of students and supplies needed.

The third Thursday of the month will be a Mommy (or Daddy)and Me class for ages 0 through the 5th birthday. The price is $15 per class and will include a story, a snack and one or two art activities. There will also be a 30% sibling discount.
If any family has a financial need, please contact me and we will work something out. I have enjoyed teaching your children and I look forward to seeing them all soon.

Discussion or questions are welcome.

The 4th Thursday is open for an older student class if there is interest. Ages 13 and up.

If interested or have questions, you can contact me during store hours at 706-9465456 or use the form below.

An animated paint brush drawing a line across the page.

Contact Tracy

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Glow-In-The-Dark Splatter Paint Party

Glow in the Dark Splatter Pain Party at Kiln & Crafts!! Saturday October 28th, all day! In honor of Mother Nature’s Beautiful Colors, join us to spray, splash, squirt and splatter paint a canvas with florescent colors!! (or yourself, or maybe each other!) Tons of fun for Everyone! Rain ponchos will be provided! All ages welcome! $20 to $35 depending on the canvas size. Come prepared to get MESSY!!! See us on facebook, stop in, or call 706-946-5456 for all the details!

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New Classes & Events Schedule!

Upcoming Fall 2017 Classes and Events

an animated announcement animated 3d paint brush

Our fall 2017 schedule is out and ready for your immediate attention! We have a full schedule this fall and a bit much for posting in this news update. Check out our Classes page for all the times and details. It is safe to say that Tracy has gone all out to make sure this Fall’s classes are entertaining, enjoyable and totally fun. Attend one of our guided canvas paint classes, special pottery painting events, or try your hand at one of our Handmade Crafts Nights. There’s something for everyone.

Parent’s Night Out!

Parents … we designed a night just for you and your spouse. Every Thursday starting Thurs Sept 29 Parents Night Out 5:30-8:30 pm. Go on a date, do some much needed shopping, spend a few hours with other grown ups and do it while we watch and entertain the kids.
We provide 2 slices of pizza, beverage and dessert, a movie and a Craft! $25 per child 10% off Sibling discount if you PRE REGISTER by calling the store or by registering online. Drop ins will be $30 per child. Ages 4-14.

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This Week’s Story Time

The Hungry Caterpillar

a small child's unpainted bisque plate a small painted chil'd plate

This week’s Story Time book is “The Hungry Caterpillar” and this week’s crafts is painting a Child’s plate.

[title=”3″]Story Time @ Kiln & Crafts[/title]
Story Time is held each Friday at Kiln & Crafts. Cost is $18.00 per child. Starting at 2:00 we will read a new story each week and the kids will enjoy snacks and beverages while painting a piece of discounted pottery or create an age appropriate hand craft.

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This Week’s Story Time

The Tiny Seed

Author, Eric Carle

This week’s Story Time we’ll be reading “The Tiny Seed” and painting a personalized puzzle. Story Time begins at 2:00PM and is $18 per child. Includes all supplies and refreshments.

This picture book admirably conveys the miracle of a seed. Flower pods burst and dispatch their seeds on the wind; the air-borne seeds are subject to myriad disasters; and the ones that make it through the perils of the seasons to become mature flowering plants are still susceptible to being picked, trod upon and otherwise damaged. But nature allows for survivors, and so the tiny seed grows into a giant flower, releasing its seeds and continuing he cycle. As he has demonstrated with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other books, Carle as an extraordinary kinship with nature. Here we have not just the explanation of the life of a flower, but drama, lessons of life and a lovely spirituality.