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Lucky’s In Blue Ridge

Lucky came to town on the train
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Lucky’s Come To Town

Lucky has come to town and has been sighted touring around the area of Blue Ridge. Looks like he’s having a grand ole time. Be watching for the next sighting. Don&’t forget Lucky will be hiding out somewhere in downtown Blue Ridge this Friday and the lucky person that finds him and brings him home wins.

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Looking for Lucky the Leprechaun

an animated pot o' gold

Where’s Lucky?

A spinning cloverPicture of Lucky the Leprechaunan animated rainbow and pot o' gold

Join us for our first Annual Looking for Lucky the Leprechaun Give Away. Get a good look at Lucky because he will be hidden somewhere in Blue Ridge this Friday, March 17 2017, St. Patrick’s Day. The lucky person to find Lucky and return him home will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Kiln & Crafts and a “I got Lucky in Blue Ridge” t-shirt. Stay tuned for more information and watch for Lucky sightings all this week.