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This Week’s Story Time

The Tiny Seed

Author, Eric Carle

This week’s Story Time we’ll be reading “The Tiny Seed” and painting a personalized puzzle. Story Time begins at 2:00PM and is $18 per child. Includes all supplies and refreshments.

This picture book admirably conveys the miracle of a seed. Flower pods burst and dispatch their seeds on the wind; the air-borne seeds are subject to myriad disasters; and the ones that make it through the perils of the seasons to become mature flowering plants are still susceptible to being picked, trod upon and otherwise damaged. But nature allows for survivors, and so the tiny seed grows into a giant flower, releasing its seeds and continuing he cycle. As he has demonstrated with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other books, Carle as an extraordinary kinship with nature. Here we have not just the explanation of the life of a flower, but drama, lessons of life and a lovely spirituality.

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